Workshops and Special Programs

Workshop and Interview Topics

Judi is also available for workshops and special programs. Some current speaking topics include:

  • Taxes Are Everyone's Business
  • The New Laws and Your Filing: This Year and the Year After
  • Saving for Higher Education
  • Medical Expenses: Take A New Look
  • W-2 and You - Looking at Your Withholding
  • 1099's Can Be Big Trouble
  • IRS and Audits: What To Expect and How To Prepare
  • Home-Based Businesses: HOw To Make Them Grow
  • Understanding Estate, Trust and Gift Taxes
  • The ABC's of Being an Executor or Trustee
  • Taxes: What Happens When Someone You Love Passes On
  • How To Choose a Financial Advisor
  • Retirement: Planning for a Secure Retirement - and the Income Tax Implications

Interview Style: Sparkling, witty delivery, honest and thought-provoking, insightful with a healthy dose of common-sense advice for ordinary -- and extraordinary people.

Philosophy and Approach: Solid, practical, experience-based financial advice coupled with outstanding academic credentials and professional credibility. Her training in counseling and human behavior gives Judi Strauss a unique ability to understand her clients' real -- and sometimes unspoken -- needs. Money matters: whether it be simple tax advice or the complex and critical issues of insuring financial security, retirement, investments, estates and trusts, she shares her financial savvy and translates the alien tongue of tax codes in to every day language.

In addition, Judi Strauss serves as a mentor and role model for women -- new graduates just entering the work force, women considering career change or those who are struggling to balance a home, family, career and their own personal needs while becoming financially sound and positioned for future security. She shares her own life's challenges and successes with her audiences and clients, along with a fierce determination to equip people with a "road map" to financial independence. Her success stories are numerous and engaging!